Wednesday 11 September 2013

Dingy, hazy headlights? Restoration can improve your visibility

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Dingy, hazy headlights? Restoration can improve your visibility

As summer fades into fall, you’ve probably already noticed the days are getting shorter. With more time on the clock between dusk and dawn, you’ll be using your headlights a whole lot more.

If your headlights are cloudy, hazy or simply not as bright as they used to be, you could be compromising your night-driving visibility.

With the average age of cars today hitting an all-time high of 11.4 years, dingy lenses are more and more common. This is because the UV coating on modern vehicle lenses absorbs sunlight, rather than allowing the sun’s harmful UV rays to pass through. The lenses degrade over time, and that deterioration can be more pronounced in cars parked outside or cars used primarily in sunny climates.

The good news is we have a process called headlight restoration, which brings back that ability to see through the night when slippery leaves cover the pavement and when those joggers, kids playing or deer unexpectedly cross the road.

Even if you haven’t noticed a pronounced difference, take a look around the next time you’re in a crowded parking lot. If your vehicle’s headlights aren’t as clear as the surrounding cars, it might be time to consider restoration. According to a March 2012 Consumer Reports study, your headlights’ effectiveness could be reduced by up to 80%, posing a serious threat to safety. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the primary culprit in the headlight aging process, compounded by other environmental factors.

Why worry, when a simple, inexpensive fix like headlight restoration could provide a quick and easy solution to sharpen your driving night vision?

What is headlight restoration? A sanding disc and special abrasive are used to remove the clouding, discoloration and surface defects from the lens. After buffing and polishing multiple times, the lens is restored, drastically improving visibility.

The process is quick and often can be performed in an hour or less. At $59.99, it’s also far less expensive than replacing the entire headlight assembly. We can bring back the clarity and crisp lighting you depend on for safe, secure driving. Call us today to schedule your headlight restoration. Then you can enjoy those beautiful fall colors and relax, knowing you can head home with the ability to clearly see the road, wherever it takes you.